Bambi Frame
      This new piece of mine is a frame hanger, on which people can drape their clothes of the day. But at the same time, it can also be viewed as an art object in the living space. In conceiving this piece, I wanted to bring a sense of nature into our living space and to remind us about our connections with Nature as well as our responsibility to live harmoniously with our physical and natural environments.

    • 1007DANC_Dance Suite_Perspective 01_C

      Dance Suite
      This piece has a single origin, but can be transformed into different shapes. Just as some of Bach’s music is based on existing dance forms, so my DANCE SUITE is based on existing furniture, including Fritz Hansen’s Swan Chair, Egg Chair and Space Lounge Chair. It complements, extends and enhances the identity of the originals.

    • 1001CODE_Code_Stack 01

      In late 2006, CODE made its first appearance in Brisbane, and then spread quickly to other Australian cities and international design exhibitions in Tokyo and Seoul. Inspired by the grid frames of traditional Japanese architecture, their creations can assume a variety of roles in the drama of interior spaces – as a small table, a stool, or as an art-piece in its own right.

    • 1002DRES_Dress-Code_Botan

      DRESS CODE is the entrancing result of the recent collaboration of two Japanese designers, both now long-time residents of Australia. It marries the vision of world-renowned fashion designer Akira Isogawa with the minimalist elan of emerging furniture designer Fukutoshi Ueno.

    • 1004SCOD_S-Code Custom White

      Rather than the decorative imaginings of European design, my inspiration derives from the minimalist purity of the East, is rooted in the essential spirit of Zen. I seek to capture that same essence which also finds expression in the wondrous sensibilities of modern Kyoto, where buildings reproduce the subtle lines and flowing textures of the surrounding landscapes, and elicit sensations of delicate beauty.